Solving talent challenges is like baking a cake.

It's a recipe that requires an understanding of process, best practice, and human interactions. It requires a dash of humility, a heaping tablespoon of innovation, and a whole lot of preparation.

The story behind Intalegence...

So, every project starts with...

a commitment to meet your unique needs and challenges head on and side by side with you. That is the promise we make to each client.

That is Intalegence. really a story about you.

We formed Intalegence to deliver what clients, just like you, really want from firms like ours: Services that meet the needs of the modern client and not some "Cookie Cutter" approach based on how things got done 30 years ago.

Our core values & principles

Hard work

We live by the idea that hard work and talent beats talent alone everyday. You and your teams work hard...Your partners should work just as hard.


Transparency goes both ways. In order to provide real value, both of us need to trust each other and work together to meet the needs of your organization


We are dedicated to delivering a best in class experience for everyone we work with. To do that, we must be committed to the tasks at hand,


This idea is ingrained in all we do. We firmly believe in accountability with each other, our clients, and the candidates we work with.


Trust is a critical component of any working relationship. With Trust that extends across the entire process, nothing is unachievable.


The idea of data may seem like an odd core value, but without it, no good decisions can be made and we cannot do the best work possible for our clients.

Meet a couple of people who make all that we do possible.

We are a diverse organization that is focused on delivering on point solutions for our clients and helping reshape the larger industry of HR and Talent through our practice and our digital magazine, Intalegent

Creating new platforms is exciting!

“Being able to help guide Intalegent Magazine gives me so many new and thoughtful approaches to share with my clients. What an exciting time to build this!”

Joy Hunt - Assoc. Editor
Intalegent Magazine

“There is always a new challenge....

“Adding new features and functions to our sites and helping guide the conversation around our technical offerings means that at Intalegence, I am always learning. What more could you want?”

Ahmed Raiz - Tech Lead

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