Mastering the Puzzle: Solving People Challenges with Precision

Navigating the people challenges you face centers around understanding the intricacies of the process, placing great emphasis on active listening and delivering solutions in a profoundly human-centric manner. Just as each puzzle piece has its place, our approach relies on the delicate balance of process comprehension, attentive listening, and the art of delivering solutions that help you see the big picture in a way that helps you drive your teams and your business toward success.

From our very inception, we understood that to help our clients conquer the challenges of the modern business world, we had to excel at two essential things. First and foremost, we had to be the best listeners in the industry. We needed to tune in, not just to the words, but to the aspirations, the goals, and the unique hurdles that our clients faced. Our commitment to active listening became our guiding principle.

Yet, listening alone wasn't enough. We needed to translate our deep understanding into action—real, tangible results that could change the course of businesses. This called for custom-tailored solutions, designed with your mission, goals, and challenges in mind.

And so, INTALEGENCE became not just a firm but a dynamic force.

We are your partner in growth, your advocate for professionalized Portfolio Leadership teams, and your beacon in the ever-evolving talent landscape.

Our journey continues as we understand that People challenges and their solutions are as pivotal to business success as any other factor.

We're not just a company; we're a mission, an aptitude, but most importantly, a promise.

Intalegence is a Company. A Mission. A Promise.

Our journey began with a profound belief—a belief that has become the very essence of who we are. We founded our Chicago-based People Solutions firm because we fervently hold that people are the ultimate catalyst to success. This conviction is at the core of our story.

Picture this: a group of visionaries, driven by a common mission, shared their dreams over a table in the heart of Chicago. They envisioned a future where Private Equity and Venture Capital firms and their portfolio companies could harness the power of exceptional talent to drive toward new heights. Their mission was clear—to be the bridge between human potential and business success.

The idea took root, and INTALEGENCE was born.

Meet the Team

The INTALEGENCE team is equipped to tackle your people challenges with a roster of experts in people solutions. We bring proven expertise to navigate complex issues, ensuring tailored, effective strategies for your success.

Paulina Caprio
Sr. Partner
Ron Godier
Founder & CEO
David Dubin, PhD
Sr. Partner
Talent Management
Erich Kurschat
Sr. Partner
Team Development
Gwen Kaminskas
Sr. Advisor
HR Advisory
Gary Barnstable
HR&Talent Advisory
Bill Petry
Sr Partner Retained
Head of Direct Hire Services
Hayleigh Turner
Recruitment Technology Consultant
Alix Prassas
Sr Partner
Organizational Design
Brandon Blell
Sr. Advisor
EOS Worldwide

Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms turn to Intalegence to tackle their most pressing People Challenges. Reach out today and experience the Intalegence advantage.

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