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We excel at linking people solutions to your business objectives throughout the Private Equity/Venture Capital lifecycle. From start to finish, our expertise can help you maximize enterprise value with strategic, knowledge-driven People Solutions.

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From Puzzles to Perfect Solutions: Our Expertise Shines

Navigating the people component for portfolio companies is like solving a complex puzzle, where leadership, hiring, retention, and development are pieces that interconnect in ways that can make or break an organization.

Our approach and services can help you see the complete picture.

Just as a skilled puzzle solver anticipates patterns and connections, we help you strategize and execute comprehensive people solutions. We understand the importance of nurturing leadership, hiring the right individuals, and retaining and developing them.

With INTALEGENCE, you'll effectively piece together the people puzzle and build an organization that can thrive at scale

Solving the puzzle requires focusing on the right things...

Our core beliefs drive all of our work

At INTALEGENCE, our unwavering commitment to core values drives our approach to every project. Honesty and Transparency underpin our interactions, ensuring our clients receive the most accurate insights and information.

We stay relentlessly Client-Focused, tailoring our strategies to meet their unique needs. Being Data-Driven empowers us to help you make informed decisions and enhances the precision of our solutions.

Lastly, our Commitment to Excellence propels us to exceed expectations at every turn, delivering results that make a lasting impact.

These values collectively shape our philosophy, making us a trusted partner dedicated to your success, every step of the way.

Hear what our Clients say about us.

"I had the pleasure of working with INTALEGENCE while building the People functions in two PE backed organizations. I can’t say enough about their insight and ability to partner in challenging environments."


CHRO - Pendrick

"The INTALEGENCE team really understands the industry and their ability to deliver results is unquestionable. They also understood what I was looking for and were able to exceed my expectations."


frm EVP - epiq

"INTALEGENCE provided the counsel and guidance necessary to  navigate through tough conversations, different personalities, and creating strategies to solve todays and tomorrow’s problems.”


Head of Talent

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